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Singing Telegrams and Balloons

1 800 886 7464 Ext. 10083

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Singing Telegrams and Balloons Delivered Anywhere!

Yes! Now you can send a singing telegram virtually anywhere in the United States!!

We are affiliated with the best entertainers in the country.  Imagine, the day after tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 35th wedding anniversary  you can have Elvis arrive and sing them their special song or any number of characters for any occasion. 

When calling you should have the city and zip code that the delivery will be made to.  We will need at least an hour window for the entertainer to arrive within that you know the recipient will be at the location you give us. If it is at a restaurant, school or hotel they will need to approve of this type of delivery to their establishment.  Everything we do is in good taste so have no fear if we are going to an office environment or entertaining in front of children.  You should have a few character choice in mind. 

There are a wide variety of "grams" available including, (but not limited to), "The Tuxedo Gram",  "The Gorilla Gram", Chicken, or perhaps send your sweetheart a "Cupid Gram", Elvis, Marilyn, Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, cowboy/girl, Nerd  etc.   There are many more and if you have a special request, just ask, we can most likely accommodate your special request!

You might want to "bookmark" this location now, so the next time you really want to "reach out and touch someone", we will be easy to find.

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To order any of the above, simply call, toll free dial:
1 800 886 7464 Ext. 10083
It's that simple! Have fun!

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